GNI ORTHO provides state-of-the-art orthodontic products
that are developed in Korea and marketed worldwide

Maxi Plate

Maxi Plate


Smart-fit MAXI PLATE


Description Part Number
Maxi Plate Staight4Hole MX-ST.04
Maxi Plate Staight6Hole MX-ST.06
Maxi Plate Complation 6 Hole MX-CP.06
Maxi Plate Curved 6 Hole MX-CV.06
Maxi Plate Angle medium 4 Hole MX-AG4.06
Maxi Plate Staight 21 Hole MX-ST.21
Maxi Plate Angle Left 20 Hole MX-AGL.20
Maxi Plate Angle Right 20 Hole MX-AGR.20
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Maxi Screws

Description Part Number
2.4mm x 4mm Screw SF-600-2404
2.4mm x 6mm Screw SF-600-2406
2.4mm x 8mm Screw SF-600-2408
2.4mm x 10mm Screw SF-600-2410
2.4mm x 12mm Screw SF-600-2412
2.4mm x 14mm Screw SF-600-2414
2.4mm x 16mm Screw SF-600-2416
2.4mm x 18mm Screw SF-600-2418
2.7mm x 6mm Screw SF-600-2706
2.7mm x 8mm Screw SF-600-2708
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O.A.S. IMF Screws

Description Part Number
1.7mm x 6mm IMF Screw SF-700-1706
1.7mm x 8mm IMF Screw SF-700-1708
2.0mm x 8mm IMF Screw SF-700-2008
2.0mm x 10mm IMF Screw SF-700-2010
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