GNI ORTHO provides state-of-the-art orthodontic products
that are developed in Korea and marketed worldwide

Inside Oral Cavities

Inside Oral Cavities


Specification Item No. Package Remark  
Universal crimpable split stops ICH051-01 10*1 Fixed on the arch wire to keep it from moving. length 2mm
Crimpable MINI stops (large) 0.8 ICH051-02 10*1
Crimpable MINI stops (small) 0.5 ICH051-03 10*1
Universal sliding ball hook ICH052-01 10*1
Crimpable hook square ICH053-01 10*1
Crimpable hook round ICH053-02 10*1
Sliding crimpable hook left ICH054-01 10*1
Sliding crimpable hook right ICH054-02 10*1
Long curved crimpable hook left ICH055-01 10*1
Long curved crimpable hook right ICH055-02 10*1
Crimpable double tubes ICH056-01 10*1 Fixed on the arch wire to facilitate
other accessories
Crimpable cross tubes ICH056-02 10*1
Specification Item No. Package Remark  
Bondable round ILB012-01 10*1 mushroom shaped headlock button
and base has arched contour
Bondable rectangular ILB012-02 10*1
Bondable hole ILB012-03 10*1
Weldable lingual cleat small ILB021-10 10*1 mainly used to preweld the bands
Weldable lingual cleat big ILB022-10 10*1
Bondable lingual cleat small ILB022-11 10*1 Can be directly bonded on tooth surface,
a traction with its resistance
Traction hook- round ILB023-01 10*1
Traction hook- rectangular ILB023-02 10*1
Button chain ILB023-11 2*1
Direct bond eyelet round ILB024-01 10*1
Direct bond eyelet rectangular ILB024-02 10*1
Bite opener ILB025-01 10*1 Eliminates detrimental forces.
Discourages over-active muscle activity.
Bonds to upper or lower arches. 80 gauge
foil mesh bonding base. 17-4SS.

Lingual Retainer Bonding Splints

Specification Item No. Package Remark
2.0 mm ILR031-01 10*1 Mainly applied to maintain the effect after the orthodontic treatment
1.2 mm ILR031-02 10*1

Lingual Sheath

Specification Item No. Package Remark
no hook no slot ILS041-01 10*1 Pre-weld on the band to go with the palatal bars
no hook w/slot ILS041-02 10*1
mesial w/hook no slot ILS042-01 10*1
distal w/hook no slot ILS042-02 10*1
distal w/hook w/slot ILS043-01 10*1
mesial w/hook w/slot ILS043-02 10*1

Expansion Screw

Specification Item No. Package Remark
Standard IES1-1001 1*1 The products are mainly used in dentistry dentition orthodontic arch extensions for arch stenosis and posterior crossbite patients.
8mm IES1-1008 1*1
9mm IES1-1009 1*1
11mm IES1-1011 1*1
13mm IES1-1013 1*1