GNI ORTHO provides state-of-the-art orthodontic products
that are developed in Korea and marketed worldwide



Ligature tie
Power chain
Torsion pad
Ligature gun

Elastic Ring

Ligature tie

Color Item No. Package
Type T
  Blue ELT12-01 38*26
  Baby blue ELT12-02
  Sky blue ELT12-03
  Black ELT12-04
  Spring green ELT12-05
  Dark green ELT12-06
  Forest green ELT12-07
  Grass green ELT12-08
  Orange ELT12-09
  Deep yellow ELT12-10
  White ELT12-11
  Clear ELT12-12
  Silver ELT12-13
  Brown ELT12-14
  Golden ELT12-15
  Banana Yellow ELT12-16
  Yellow ELT12-17
  Deep purple ELT12-18
Color Item No. Package
Type T
  Light Violet ELT12-19 38*26
  Neon purple ELT12-20
  Light pink ELT12-21
  Hot pink ELT12-22
  Red ELT12-23
  Dark red ELT12-24
  Apple green ELT12-25
  Turquoise ELT12-26
  Lake blue ELT12-27
  Rust red ELT12-28
  Dark blue ELT12-29
  Prussian blue ELT12-30
  Slate blue ELT12-31
  Bright green ELT12-32
  Periwinkle ELT12-33
  Deep black ELT12-34
  Deep pink ELT12-35
  Coral ELT12-36
ELT12-01 ELT12-02 ELT12-03 ELT12-04 ELT12-05 ELT12-06
ELT12-07 ELT12-08 ELT12-09 ELT12-10 ELT12-11 ELT12-12
ELT12-13 ELT12-14 ELT12-15 ELT12-16 ELT12-17 ELT12-18
ELT12-19 ELT12-20 ELT12-21 ELT12-22 ELT12-23 ELT12-24
ELT12-25 ELT12-26 ELT12-27 ELT12-28 ELT12-29 ELT12-30
ELT12-31 ELT12-32 ELT12-33 ELT12-34 ELT12-35 ELT12-36

Elastic Ring

Power chain

Color long short continue
  Blue EPC21-01 EPC22-01 EPC23-01
  Baby blue EPC21-02 EPC22-02 EPC23-02
  Sky blue EPC21-03 EPC22-03 EPC23-03
  Black EPC21-04 EPC22-04 EPC23-04
  Spring green EPC21-05 EPC22-05 EPC23-05
  Dark green EPC21-06 EPC22-06 EPC23-06
  Forest green EPC21-07 EPC22-07 EPC23-07
  Grass green EPC21-08 EPC22-08 EPC23-08
  Orange EPC21-09 EPC22-09 EPC23-09
  Deep yellow EPC21-W EPC22-10 EPC23-10
  White EPC21-11 EPC22-11 EPC23-11
  Clear EPC21-12 EPC22-12 EPC23-12
  Silver EPC21-13 EPC22-13 EPC23-13
  Brown EPC21-14 EPC22-14 EPC23-14
  Golden EPC21-15 EPC22-15 EPC23-15
  Banana Yellow EPC21-16 EPC22-16 EPC23-16
  Yellow EPC21-17 EPC22-17 EPC23-17
  Deep purple EPC21-18 EPC22-18 EPC23-18
  Light violet EPC21-19 EPC22-19 EPC23-19
  Neon purple EPC21-20 EPC22-20 EPC23-20
  Light pink EPC21-21 EPC22-21 EPC23-21
  Hot pink EPC21-22 EPC22-22 EPC23-22
  Red EPC21-23 EPC22-23 EPC23-23
  Dark red EPC21-24 EPC22-24 EPC23-24

Elastic Ring

Separators / O-rings / Torsion Pad / Ligature Gun


Color Item No. TypeS Package
  Blue GPS32-01 700pcs/bag


Size light medium heavy
3.5oz/71g 5oz/99g 6.5oz/128g
1/8"(3.2mm) EOR41-001 EOR41-002 EOR41-003
3/16"(4.8mm) EOR41-011 EOR41-012 EOR41-013
1/4"(6.4mm) EOR41-021 EOR41-022 EOR41-023
5/16"(8mm) EOR41-031 EOR41-032 EOR41-033
3/8"(9.5mm) EOR41-041 EOR41-042 EOR41-043

Torsion Pad

Color Package
Transparent ETP51-01 4*1

Ligature Gun

Color Item No. TypeS Package
  Blue ELG00-01 1*1
  Silver ELG00-02 1*1