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Mini Screws

Mini Screw

Special heating system : Unique manufacturing technique maximizes the body strength and precision.
Various size and head options
Various diameter and length options to provide customized experiences to hands-on professionals.
Standard and Crosshead options to provide different needs.

Titanium (Standard / Crosshead)
Size / Diameter Item No.
L6mm L8mm L10mm
1.2mm SA-1206 SA-1208 SA-1210
1.4mm SA-1406 SA-1408 SA-1410
1.6mm SA-1606 SA-1608 SA-1610
1.8mm SA-1806 SA-1808 SA-1810
2.0mm SA-2006 SA-2008 SA-2010
Stainless Steel (Standard / Crosshead)
Size / Diameter Item No.
L6mm L8mm L10mm
1.2mm SSA-1206 SSA-1208 SSA-1210
1.4mm SSA-1406 SSA-1408 SSA-1410
1.6mm SSA-1606 SSA-1608 SSA-1610
1.8mm SSA-1806 SSA-1808 SSA-1810
2.0mm SSA-2006 SSA-2008 SSA-2010
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Mini Screw

Smart Anchor

Tools For Mini Screw

Surgical tray (SA-010)

Smart Anchor Toolkit (SA-010)
[Component] driver shaft, handle driver, drill tip, short tip, surgical tray

► Driver shaft (SA-001)

► Handle driver (SA-002)

► Short handle driver (SA-003)

► Drill tip (SA-004)

► Short tip (SA-005)

Smart Handle (SA-020)

* Contra-angle manual handpiece

Smart Handle (SA-020)